"Politics begins with the consideration of reality."

This statement by the great social democrat Kurt Schumacher is more topical than ever. The objective of enabling factbased decisions guides the work of the Foundation for Family Businesses and Politics. 

Family businesses play a crucial role in mastering the great challenges of our time. They stabilise our economy and secure equal living conditions all over Germany. 

In its role as the largest supporter of research in this area, the Foundation for Family Businesses has provided information for several years about the great significance of family enterprises, and has become a sought-after point of contact for academia and research, business, the media and politics. 

The work of advocating for results, both in the political process and elsewhere, will fall in future to the Foundation for Family Businesses and Politics. For instance, it will speak before the German parliament and other parliaments at expert hearings.

The Foundation for Family Businesses and Politics does not have the status of a non-profit organisation. It has a clear mission and takes positions on the basis of the insights provided by research.

It will continue its important work and promote research in the area of family businesses, in particular through research studies, support for professorships and institutes and through its programme for doctoral students.

“Listen to the science” was the motto under which millions of youth took to the streets to demand greater commitments to climate protection. The Foundation for Family Businesses and Politics follows this motto. With it, the foundation is making a contribution to the political process in the spirit of Kurt Schumacher.


Roland Pichler

Roland Pichler

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The House of Family Businesses

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